Emulating the purity of freshly fallen snow, Glacier White Onyx features a pristine white backdrop with subtle translucence. Its translucent nature allows it to glow when illuminated, making it a captivating choice for creating breathtaking backlit bar tops and mesmerizing wall panels. Glacier White Onyx's clean and ethereal appearance adds a touch of modern sophistication to interiors, reflecting light and creating an airy atmosphere. This Onyx variety's serene beauty and luminous quality make it a favored option for spaces where a sense of purity and elegance is desired, infusing interiors with a frosty allure.

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    Vacuum Robotic System (VRS) for marble processing first - step acqistion process for best quality blocks reinforced and cut according to international criteria double-sided italiyan epoxy for structural effectivness stedfastness quality guaranteed for present and future

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