Travertine Marble

Travertine marble, with its earthy tones, naturally textured surface, and subtle pitted appearance, evokes a sense of both ancient history and enduring allure. Perfect for those seeking a touch of rustic elegance, Travertine adds warmth and timeless beauty to both interiors and outdoor spaces.

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    What is Travertine Marble?

    Travertine is a form of limestone created by mineral deposits from natural hot springs. Its distinctive porous surface is formed by gasses escaping during its formation, lending a unique character to each piece. Available in a spectrum of warm, earth-toned colors ranging from beige and ivory to rich gold and honeyed browns, Travertine marble blends seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary design styles.

    Popular Applications of Travertine Marble

    Harness the versatility of Travertine marble for a wide array of projects:


    Travertine marble flooring evokes a sense of warmth and understated elegance.  Ideal for living rooms, entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms, its durability complements even heavily trafficked areas while effortlessly elevating style. Consider various tile sizes and laying patterns, from classic squares to French patterns, to achieve different design moods.

    Wall Tiles

    Transform bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries with Travertine marble wall tiles. Ideal for showers, backsplashes, and feature walls, Travertine's natural texture adds visual depth and complements both simple and luxurious fixtures. Play with honed or tumbled finishes to introduce various subtle effects.

    Outdoor Patios and Pool Decks

    Travertine marble’s porous nature enhances slip resistance for wet environments, and the stone's ability to stay cool under the sun offers an inviting walking surface around pools or on expansive patios. Opt for larger format pavers for a touch of sophisticated grandeur.

    Fireplaces and Decorative Accents

    Enhance fireplaces, create textured surrounds, or frame entryways with Travertine marble for undeniable character. Its rich tones, ranging from creams to honeyed browns,  draw the eye and create a sense of timeless charm that blends seamlessly with modern or traditional decor.

    Why Choose Travertine Marble

    Beyond its captivating aesthetics, Travertine marble offers significant advantages:

    Natural Beauty

    Travertine is nature's artwork. Each piece features distinctive veining, soft swirls, and a subtle pitted texture born from its unique formation process. Its organic variation offers a luxurious alternative to more uniform man-made surfaces, ensuring no two spaces will ever look exactly alike.

    Warm - Versatile

    Travertine marble transcends simple color definitions. Its warm tonal range – from ivory and beige to earthy browns and burnished golds – creates an inviting ambiance and pairs beautifully with various design styles.  Whether used in sleek minimalist spaces or to introduce old-world charm, Travertine's timeless appeal endures.

    Durable & Long-Lasting

    While aesthetically striking, Travertine is no delicate material. With proper care and sealing, it's inherently resistant to scratching, staining, and endures everyday wear. This robust stone allows you to embrace its beauty in high-traffic areas, preserving its grandeur as an investment for many years.

    Eco-Conscious Choice

    As a natural material, Travertine marble enhances sustainability. Quarried rather than manufactured and often available in local varieties depending on your region, it can decrease the environmental impact of your project compared to some synthetic surface options.

    Unique Thermal Properties

    Travertine naturally holds warmth when exposed to sunlight and stays cool to the touch in shaded areas. This feature makes it an excellent choice for patios, pool decks, or warm-climate flooring, allowing for greater comfort and enjoyment within your space.

    JSB Stonex: Your Source for Exceptional Travertine

    Discover the expansive selection of premium Travertine marble at JSB Stonex, hand-selected for its quality and character. Our experts help you navigate color choices, finishes, and applications to perfectly execute your Travertine vision. From project inception to final installation, we're dedicated to creating spaces as timeless as Travertine itself.

    Ready to enhance your space with the beauty of Travertine marble? Contact us today for a personalized consultation and experience the lasting value of this extraordinary stone.

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